Monitor Children and Employee Mobile Phone Quickly and Easily – Undetected!!!

mSpy_for_phoneHow earnestly have you tried to keep a track and monitor your child’s or employee’s mobile phone or tablet usage!! Unfortunately, advanced technology brings with it a myriad of disadvantages, especially when it comes to your child’s addiction for his/her mobile phone or perhaps your employees’ fraudulent activities over phone.

Worry no more!! Here comes Hoverwatch – the most powerful and reliable mobile phone monitoring software.

For all those worried parents or troubled employers, Hoverwatch is one-of-a-kind cell phone monitoring software that can be confidentially used to monitor call information or record text messages from virtually any mobile device. With this fantastic mobile monitoring software, you can keep an eye on your children or employees – no matter wherever they are, wherever they go!

Find out where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing

Do you find your child too much addicted to his/her mobile device? Worried about them when they are out? Not sure what your employees are up to that is causing your business to lose productivity and revenues?

If you answer YES, Hoverwatch is the best choice for you. Find out what they are saying over phone and to whom. Get their text messages, Facebook chat, email, video messages, and more, right on your mobile phone or email. What more!! You can even monitor their location or keep an eye on their picture and video watching in an easy way.

World-Class Features, Better Control and Monitoring

Never before you could imagine monitoring the mobile device of your children or employee with such breeze!! Hoverwatch is powered by Master Mobile App, which allows you keeping a track of every activity pertaining to virtually ANY cell phone or tablet, right from your mobile device. It is power-packed with innumerable SMART FEATURES that make your experience more worthwhile. What more!! Using Hoverwatch software is most easy, and you can get instant access to call logs, text messages, emails, chats, GPS, and more, right onto your mobile phone, tablet, or email.

Read every text message – Get all text messages sent and received from the other phone, right on your mobile device or email. Text messages and chats are where your family members, especially young children, have a tendency to send inappropriate messages, pictures or videos to people who they shouldn’t be talking to. Hoverwatch lets you read and save every message that is sent or received.

Hoverwatch message

Live Control Panel – It lets you access every detail of the other mobile phone or tablet dynamically. You can instantly fetch all information from the children/employees mobile devices in real time.

Email Log – View all sent and received emails from the mobile device.

View pictures and videos – When a picture or video is taken on your child’s/employee’s phone, it is immediately emailed to you, for your review. Inappropriate pictures and videos or pictures or videos that are taken in places where they shouldn’t be taken will immediately let you take action, to protect and safeguard the person who is using the cell phone.

Hoverwatch multimedia

Social Networking and Chat Log – Keep an eye on your child’s or employee’s social networking and chat activities on their mobile device, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and much more.

GPS Location Update – This is a great feature that actually lets you track the whereabouts of the cell phone user, as they take their cell phone along with them. Your kids don’t want to say where they are. The employees are fooling around and claiming they are in an important business meeting. Not anymore!! The software gives you update about GPS location of the mobile device every 10 seconds.

Browser History Logs – Get the browsing details of all visited websites from the mobile device.

Remote Uninstall – Don’t want to track the mobile device anymore? Uninstall tracking facility remotely and seamlessly.

Protect Your Children with the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Installs in Minutes! – Compatible with all Android and Apple devices – 24/7 Phone/Chat Support

Hoverwatch – Simple and Convenient to Use

Using Hoverwatch to track any phone or tablet is most simple and convenient. Buy the mobile monitoring software program today and you will receive an email with the download link, username, password, and license key. Simply follow the download directions and install Hoverwatch; remotely gather all information from the child’s/employee’s phone. Right away start monitoring the mobile device by logging into your User Control Panel with the username and password. Using Hoverwatch is that simple and hassle-free!!

Hoverwatch is used only by parents to monitor their lovely children from bad threats like cyber bullying or unknown person. There are a huge number of negative impacts for children based on several researches which are caused by internet crime. The worst thing is that children might get stress when they don’t tell it to parents and it is possible for them to commit suicide. It is very serious. So by installing Hoverwatch, parents can protect their children for safety purpose. Hoverwatch can also be used by the business owner to monitor their employees’ work activities based on the applicable law.